Sunday, 3 April 2016


 Research and find the answers to these questions -
 How old is Julia? She is 67 years old
Where does she live? She lives in Glasgow with her husband
When was she born? She was born in 1948 and her birthday is on 16th of September
How many books has she written? She has written 148 books can you
What was the first book she wrote? The first book she wrote is squash and a squeeze
What is her favourite book? My favourite book is The Gruffalo

 Now think of 5 questions of your own and find the answers.
What does she like to eat? She likes to eat hot cross buns
 What does she like to she ride on? She ride on  a horse
What is her favourite thing to do? Her favourite thing to do a great story
 Who is Julia donaldson best friend ? her best friend is Roald dahl
What is Julia Donaldson favourite sports? Her favourite sports is golf.

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