Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Jenny. She was polite and she was very generous. One day she fell over on a tall hill and found a magical place. The place was full of nature and fairies. The place glistened and it had gold fairy lights.Jenny went into the magical place and she ride on the rainbow.The trees had chocolate branches and it rained candy. The leaves were bright coloured and it had a house made of lollies. After that It was getting dark and a monster arrived. The monster had a fiery head,octopus legs and he was made out of expired candy floss. The monster had big tusks like an elephant and he roared like a lion.The monster broke all the houses that were made out of lollies and he made the rainbows colours faint.Jenny felt frightened and she felt worried. She was nervous and she felt scared that she might not see her mum again. Then a magical brave night came he was fairless and strong.The night was handsome his name was called Auckland. Auckland was using his sword to defend himself.The monster never gave up so the night used a fork and ate the monster up.And the night said yum yum yum Delicious.Then Jenny was cheerful and went back home.

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