Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Auckland Room 6 Class Site Treasure Hunt

Remember to make a copy of this document. On your copy, put your name in the document title so it says ‘Angel class site treasure hunt’ and put it in your Cybersmarts folder.
WALT navigate the class site

What day do we have Kiwisport (gymnastics?)

Kiwi sport is on friday I found it on weekly timtable.
Write down everyone in the Circles group for maths.

Lopiseni, Kordell, Cordez, Eve, Maria, Joshua, Wesley, Isaia, Sosaia, Dziah, Mojtaba, Hope T , Wiki, Rawiri, Denzel is in circles and I found on reading.

How many hearts are there on the Kia Manawanui tree on the homepage?
18 I found it on kia manawanui site.
What time is lunchtime?

1:00 I knew it in my head.
What was the name of Room 6’s last blog post?

WALT look at our digital footprint for one school day I found it on room 6’s blog.

Which group is Hiria in for reading?
Kowhai I found it on reading groups.

Name one follow up task for writing.
Write a narrative I found it the writing site


When was the last date Miss Ashley posted on the class blog? What was the post  about?

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I found it on room 6 blog

What day of the week do we have music?

Friday I found it in my head.
Find out what Miss Ashley’s favourite food is.
Hint: look on the ‘about us’ heart.
Chocolate I found on about us site.

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