Monday, 24 October 2016

Tamaki garden

Today Room 6 went to the tamaki garden The people who takes care of the garden is named Roy and Hamish. When we went there Roy and hamish showed us how to grow our own little garden . The first step is put the soil tablet on a saucer and 50ml of water over it. Next put on gloves and mix the water into the soil with your hands to make a wet mixture Then use most of the soil to fill up the pot to around 2cm below the place your seed seed mat on top of the soil and push it now not hard. Now use the rest of your soil mixture to cover the seed mat. Then you have finished.

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  1. Hi there I loved your story about Tamaki garden. I hoped you had fun there. I think that you should always check your writing because sometimes there is some mistakes so always edit your wrinting.