Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The first Panmure Bridge

A few Fridays ago Room 5 to 8  went down to the Panmure Yacht Club to view the site where the first Panmure Bridge was built. The first bridge that was built was a swing bridge so the boats can go through the Tamaki river. Before the swing bridge was built the Maori used a punt for people to sell their vegetables and fruits. Another reason they built the bridge was because the farmers could go over to the Pakuranga fields to grow plants , fruit and crops. A few years later the bridge was old and unsafe so the people demolished it completely. When the swing bridge opened and closed the swing bridge sounded like someone was hitting  a drum.

Two weeks ago in Miami, America a bridge collapsed on the 8 lane highway and the passing people were seriously injured. Soon the ambulance, police and firefighters came to help the crushed cars and seriously injured people.
Before that happened on the 8 lane highway there was a pedestrian who was crossing the 8 lane highway going to university who got crushed by a car. One week after that people started to build a footbridge so the people could be safe from getting crushed. The footbridge was made out of steel , wood , concrete and quartz.

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