Monday, 18 June 2018

My animation about the Solar System

WALT: creating an animation on what happens in the solar system.

Moon Phases

WALT: using google drawings to create the different moon phases.

Why do we have seasons?

Why do we have seasons?

Due to the orbiting of the earth we have seasons.

First there are four seasons in a year. In addition New Zealand have winter in June, July and August. Summer is in December , January and February. Autumn is in March , April and May. Spring is in September , October and November.

Secondly  the sun is the center of the solar system.
Planet earth revolves around the sun.
The axis of the earth is tilted.
Since the earth is tilted , for part of the year, one of the hemisphere is warmer and the other hemisphere is cooler. One of the hemisphere is northern hemisphere and the other is southern hemisphere.

Thirdly the northern hemisphere is leaning towards the sun. To make spring and autumn the northern hemisphere has to be either tilted toward the sun or away from it.
So temperatures during spring and fall are moderate: not too hot and not too cold. Later then if the southern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun or away from it , then it would be winter and summer.

Finally one hemisphere gets more sunlight it’s summer.
If there is not that much sunlight then it is winter.
Image result for seasons
In conclusion : The season that you're experiencing right this very minute is caused in  part by the amount of direct sunlight you're getting.

So seasons are caused by the Earth's tilt on its axis as it cruise around the sun in its orbit.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How to create a word find

WALT: create a game about the moon.

To make  a word find you need to go on this site

After you have clicked on the link then follow the instructions.
Later when you have finished the instructions then it would look like this.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Who's the best?

WALT : work as a team.

 What challenged me in the play was speaking loudly and being confident in front of the classroom.


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Planets in my language

Image result for Sun
The sun is yellow. -
Le la e samasama
Image result for mercury
Mercury is brown. -
Mercury e lanu ena ena.
Image result for venus
Venus is red. -
Venus e mumu.
Image result for earth
The earth is blue , green and white. - O le lalolagi
e lanu moana ,
lanu mea mata ma pa’e pa’e.
Image result for mars
Mars is the red planet. - Mars o le paneta mumu.
Image result for jupiter
Jupiter is light brown ,
blue and white. -
Jupiter o le
lanu ena ena,
lanumoana ma paʻepaʻe.
Image result for saturn
Saturn is light brown. - Saturn o le lanu ena ena.
Image result for uranus
Uranus is light blue. -
Uranus e lanu moana

Image result for neptune
Neptune is dark blue. - Neptune e l
anu moana uliuli.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Days of the week in my first language

WALT : to include my first language in my writing.

Image result for monday
Monday - Aso gafua
Image result for tuesday
Tuesday - Aso lua
Image result for wednesday
Wednesday - Aso lulu
Image result for thursday
Thursday- Aso tofi
Image result for friday
Friday - Aso faralie
Image result for saturday
Saturday - Aso tona’i
Image result for sunday
Sunday - Aso sa
Image result for One
One - Tasi
Image result for two
Two - Lua
Image result for three
Three - Tolu
Image result for four
Four - fa
Image result for five
Five - Lima
Image result for six
Six - Ono
Image result for seven
Seven - Fitu
Image result for eight
Eight - Valu
Image result for nine
Nine - Iva
Image result for ten
Ten - Sefulu