Thursday, 8 December 2016

Auckland WALT use my own words to explain a scientific concept

You have just watched a clip that explains how earthquakes happen.
In the table below, put a screenshot from the video and explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS what is happening in the picture.
The first one is done for you as an example.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.19.34 AM.png
This is a globe. It is a model of what the Earth looks like. On this model, you can’t see the tectonic plates, but they are there, underneath all the land and ocean.
Screenshot 2016-12-08 at 9.28.58 AM.png
In this picture it shows you how the earth's crust is around of the earth and inside the crust  is called mantle and in the middle of the outer core is called inner core the inner core is so hot that if you touch it you can die.

My friends helped me

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Santa tracker

Today I was playing santa tracker And I was playing the penguin game and my high score is 1600

Santa Tracker

Today I went on a website called santa tracker and I played a game In a barber shop.

Heres how he looked like before                                                                   And this is how he looks like now

My certificate

Today I got my certificate on coding

Auckland WALT describe movement by using direction

Use the directions (north, east, south, west, northwest, north-east, south-west and south-east) to describe which way each plate is moving.
The first one is done for you as an example.
The Indo-australian plate is moving north
The pacific plate is moving west-north
Nazca plate is moving East
South american plate moving south-west
African is moving north-east
caribbean plate is moving north-west 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Auckland WALT think from another persons point of view

After reading about what Rata Street School recommends to help students/people who have experienced an earthquake, what would you recommend for people in our school? Think of five things you suggest for Tamaki Primary School.

  1. I suggest we get prepared for an earthquake.
  2. We should all practice drop,cover and hold.
  3.  We should Make sure your school buildings safer to be in during earthquakes.
  4.  Go home and  discuss with your about how to be prepared when an earthquake is happening.
  5. All ways practice your drop,cover and hold.

Auckland WALT think from somebody else's point of view

Imagine you are one of these people who have been in a terrible earthquake.
Think about how the day that the earthquake hit.
  • What were you doing before it hit?
  • Who were you with?
  • When the earthquake hit, how did you feel? Scared, confused, alarmed?
  • What did you do? Run, scream, get scared and stay still, cry?
  • What did you do next? Try to find friends/family? Hide in a doorway or under a table? Run away?
  • How were you feeling throughout the day?
  • What happened at night - where did you sleep? Was your house okay? Was your family okay?

Write a 100 word (or more) diary entry about your imaginary day.
Try to be as descriptive as possible (use lots of powerful words!)

Start here:ON monday i went to a birthday it was a boy he was turning 9  then a shock wave hit us my mum and dad were with me when the earthquake hit us it fell like the ground is going to choke  we were so scared that a alarm went on it said to get out of the city we found a buse the had we people tets and food and water the next day we went out to look for people that were still alive we found a family we brought them to the buse when we got there was police they give guns to us.

Auckland WALT Summarise ideas using my own words

Your task for this clip is to write a summary of it (that means, what was it about? What happened?)
The challenge for this, is you must use as few words as possible, but still have all the ideas in it.
Your teacher will be checking it to make sure you haven’t left out any ideas.
You must talk about
  • What is an earthquake?
  • How are they made?
  • Talk about one example - e.g. the earthquake in Japan and how it affected people
  • What can people do to help minimise the damage of earthquakes (look at the last ‘fact’)

Start here: An Earthquake is when the grounds europe's and  it cracks the ground and it damages buildings.An earthquake is usally caused by when a  rock underground suddenly breaks and it causes the earthquake.

Auckland WALT: write a poem about an earthquake

Write a poem about earthquakes.
Maybe an acrostic poem, or any other type of poem you want.

Try to use powerful words from the video, like these
  • Desperate
  • Disorganised
  • Dig frantically in hope
  • A community overwhelmed
  • A mound of rubble
  • Catastrophe

Start here: I am a human being
People actually have a heart,
Who am I kidding,
No one should help out their fellow man,
It is funny people are laughing at Japan being hit by an earthquake,
Seriously don't think
Help others in the times of need
Sacrifice for others that are less fortunate,
It is in our human nature to
Watch as thousands and thousands of people die
Believe me when I say people don't
Just care about such matters
How they lost everything they had
How they are searching for their loved ones
How 10,000 people died by a giant wave
It is what it is.
It's funny to even think

I actually care

WALT: Use powerful words to describe a setting

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Celebrating me

This term we have been inquiring into 'Celebrating Me'. We have been looking at lots of different celebrations, like Guy Fawkes, Halloween, Weddings and Birthdays, White Sunday, Diwali and more. We also have looked at celThis term we have been inquiring into 'Celebrating Me'. We have been looking at lots of different celebrations, like Guy Fawkes, Halloween, Weddings and Birthdays, White Sunday, Diwali and more. We also have looked at celebrating our own selves.

This means we thought about things about ourselves that are worth celebrating... like our family, our hobbies, our learning achievements, our culture.

Here is my DLO to show what I have done throughout the term.