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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Sailing- Recount

On Wednesday the 5th April 12 people from tamaki primary went to go sailing for free. 

When  we were getting ready to go Faka´ata forgot to bring cloths. So Miss Ashley called faka´ata´s mum to bring clothes for him.When we were gonna go into the cars to go to yacht club.Lopi was still in the toilet then we became late.

There were two kind men named Rubin & Gavin, they were really helpful. Firstly we got in buddies (I was with Isaia) then they mentored us and instructed how to work and make the boat.Once we were finished we pushed our boats down a very rocky hill. We left our boats and had morning tea. While we were making our starved stomachs relaxed, they adjusted our boats. After morning tea we hopped on our boats and the Rubin lead us to a surface named a pontoon in the sea were we can wait for the others to come. Rubin hooked us up to his boat to see what it is like on the boat and on a certain place he let our ropes go which made us scream like a lion. It was really nerve racking for Isaia and I because we were quite stranded, but we got the hang of it since i did the sail and Isaia had the job of steering like I was actually a sailer.

 It was then near the end of the trip and the part I mostly enjoyed came to me like the wind, and it was you and you buddy had to work together and knock the boat down, flip it back over, and then climb back on top. Everyone had to use our boat because we were last but that was okay. The other man named Gavin took us and another pair back to shore to pack up which made me feel so upsetting since it was ending.

I really enjoyed it. I want to go again because it is fun and cool.

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