Monday, 20 June 2016

Life cycle of a plant

WALT write a information report


Words that you say the same, but have different meanings

Use it in a sentence
Look at  their netbook.
They are
They are having fun.
Over there
Look over there.
Look at that bee.
Be good
In class the boys be bad.
1 2
Go to
I'm going to the shop.
I like that too
I like banana ice cream I like it too.
Dye your hair
My mum said I am gonna dye my hair.
When i was born my grandma died.
When we have bbq we buy meat.
If i’m a student leader I would have a meeting.
In class we had to pair up.
On morning tea I ate a pear.
Buy somthing
My mum is gonna buy me shoes.
Good bye
In samoa we say bye fa.
By Sharon holt
I read a story by Sharon holt.
Left and right
In a assembly a half of the school goes on the right and other left.
In school we writing
Ay that’s your book.
You are
You are the best

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Part of a seed

This week we are learning about plants.
Mrs sharma said seeds carry a sleeping seed

Plants that store water

WAL about plants this.
This story is about cacti, succulents and cactus

Monday, 13 June 2016

Parts of a shapes

This week room 6 is learning about 2d & 3d shapes.

At the beach

On saturday my family went to mission bay and swam.At mission bay we collected shells and skimed rocks.When I was swimming I was tangled by seaweed. I was scared and creeped out. After that we catched mussels and fish we ate it for dinner.Finally we went sleep and watched a movie.

WALT indentify 2d and 3d shapes

Image result for 3d shapes

My house

when I walk up the steps I see flowers beside my door. When I walk inside I see pictures of my family on the wall. As I walk in my room their are cloths all over the place.As I walk in the kitchen I see my brother eating food

Sunday, 12 June 2016

What does a seed need to grow

This week we are learning about plants. We were talking about seeds, and how seeds carry sleeping plants. I explained on these slides the three things seeds need to grow. They are sun, soil and water. I can show love to our class plant by making sure it has sun, and the soil is watered everyday.

Experiment 1

Today room 6 was learning about plants
WALT find out if the nutrients will change the whole flower.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Te reo

Sharon holt

Today Rm6 was meeting sharon holt and she gave us some advice of being an good writer. Her first advice is always plan before you write something. Her second advice is to don't wast your time on thinking about the title.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Auckland Room 6 Class Site Treasure Hunt

Remember to make a copy of this document. On your copy, put your name in the document title so it says ‘Angel class site treasure hunt’ and put it in your Cybersmarts folder.
WALT navigate the class site

What day do we have Kiwisport (gymnastics?)

Kiwi sport is on friday I found it on weekly timtable.
Write down everyone in the Circles group for maths.

Lopiseni, Kordell, Cordez, Eve, Maria, Joshua, Wesley, Isaia, Sosaia, Dziah, Mojtaba, Hope T , Wiki, Rawiri, Denzel is in circles and I found on reading.

How many hearts are there on the Kia Manawanui tree on the homepage?
18 I found it on kia manawanui site.
What time is lunchtime?

1:00 I knew it in my head.
What was the name of Room 6’s last blog post?

WALT look at our digital footprint for one school day I found it on room 6’s blog.

Which group is Hiria in for reading?
Kowhai I found it on reading groups.

Name one follow up task for writing.
Write a narrative I found it the writing site


When was the last date Miss Ashley posted on the class blog? What was the post  about?

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I found it on room 6 blog

What day of the week do we have music?

Friday I found it in my head.
Find out what Miss Ashley’s favourite food is.
Hint: look on the ‘about us’ heart.
Chocolate I found on about us site.

If I had a pet

If I had a pet I would like an bear which is fat, chubby, scary, out of control, brown, cute, strong and fun.If I had a pet I would feed it chocolate and meat.If my pet is good I would take it for a walk and have pet and owner time.
Image result for fat fnaf version

Thursday, 2 June 2016

If I had a turtle?

If I had a turtle I would make it as my pet and show my friends and mum.If I had a turtle I would play with it and dance.If my grew up It would save me from danger and trouble.My turtle like meat,seaweed and chocolate.My turtle is nice friendly and cool.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My favourite sport is

My favourite sport is soccer. Soccer is my favourite sport is because it is the fittest sport in the world. In soccer you have to run as fast as lightning and try to get a goal. The rules in soccer is no hands allowed to touch the ball.In lunch time I play soccer with my have fun.