Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Pak ´n´ Save Recount

On the 10th of august Room 7 and Room 9 went to pak n save to read labels.

At pak n save room 7 and 9 went in groups to different sections of pak n save. The sections we went in was Milk/Dairy Products , .My group was me , suave, lopi, grace , lydia , hevani and the parent was grace´s mum.
At pak ´n´ save we first went to milk products . at the milk product section we grace is mum gave us boxes so we can write on it.

I was  surprised that capsicum is a fruit instead of a vegetable because it has seeds. I found out that coco pops has 389 cals and 424 of sodium.

Buddy writing


One spooky, scary night in the woods there was gorilla named Ivan. Ivan has a wife and 2 kids. Ivan lives in the woods with troops and his family.  Ivan is a gorilla who cared very much for his family he was very sensitive but he liked to find food.

So one day he went all alone to find some food for his family he was very exhausted but he never gave up.So he went out to the woods and found no bananas but he found a vampire and wolves he tried to fight them off but there were to much he was bitten scratched by the wolves and they trapped him in a net.

Although Ivan was trapped Ivan did not give up he called for help (oo ahh ahh) so then the apes came they look very angry they had big deadly weapons so they attacked the wolves and left the vampire to Ivan, Ivan punched the vampire with all of his strength and power so the vampire flew away and never ever came back!.     

WALT write Limerick poems

Our Narritive

One scary spooky three boys were strolling through the woods.
During there stroll they got stuck in a hunters trap.

While the boys were in there they were screaming ¨HELP HELP HELP!!!!¨.

Finally a Movie star came the movie star tried to rip it but it never worked. So the Movie star reached into his pocket and grabbed his pocket knife and cut the net.  Finally they were saved and then they all ate pizza. 

WALT discover new hobbies

Painting Hobby