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I am learning to summarise a text

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences

Page 15
This page is about Dr Thinkmore teaching the students that little water can clean more than bigger water.
Page 16
This page is about Dr Thinkmore telling the kids to themselves with a cup of water then the class brings driftwood.
Page 17
This page is about Dr thinkmore telling the students that moana wear away stones , rocks , driftwood and sand.Dr thinkmore challenges the kids.

  1. Dr Thinkmore is a Scientist
  2. Her experiment was to put different amounts of water into tomato sauce bottles and see which one is the cleanest.
  3. Her experiment was trying to show that little bit of water cleans more then lots of water.
  4. Amber suggested that the piece of wood was from a beach.
  5. Sam thought that the driftwood was from a boat.
  6. Sandra thought that the bottle with lots of water will clean more than small water.
  7. Dr Thinkmore started to look pleased because Lo-mae might be onto something.

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Game review

WALT: I am learning to critically evaluate a game

Your name: Auckland and Suave

I played the game: Connect 4
Made by: David bowie and Stuart maconie
I played this game with: Suave

The purpose of this game is to Connect 4.

My favourite thing about this game was: Using strategies to win

One thing I didn’t like about this game was: It took too long for my turn

This game is good to play with a friend because: It was only 2 player and so your turn dosen’t take to long.

I would rate this game 8 out of 10 because: It was fun and cool to play.

If I could recommend something to make this game better, it would be: There is nothing to recommend to make it better.

Add any other comments about this game here:

(Paste a picture of you playing this game at the bottom here, before submitting your review!)Image result for Who made connect 4

Softball tournament

Auckland Student Goals - Whanau Conference

Tamaki Primary Student
Term - 1,  2017

Name - Auckland Faamita

My goals for Reading this Term are -
  • To monitor my reading for accuracy and sense.
  • To locate and summarise ideas (by skimming and scanning, identifying key words and questions)
  • To make connections between prior knowledge and examples in the text in order to understand abstract ideas.
You can help me by
Discussing a story I read to make sure I have not missed any ideas.
Encourage me to make connections to the story with my own experiences.
Explain the meaning of unknown words.
My goals for Writing this Term are -
  • To use a variety of planning activities, e.g. flow charts, graphs.
  • To independently revise and edit my writing to clarify it's meaning and add impact.
  • To use written language features, such as: emotive vocabulary, visual language features, language features.
You can help me by
You can help me by
Checking if I have placed my punctuation correctly in my story.
Ask me to write about my day everyday so I get used to writing, and read it back to myself to look for mistakes.
My goals for Maths this Term are -
  • To read and order my numbers up to 100,000,000.
  • To recall basic facts multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 = 100 (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x times tables).
You can help me by
Encouraging me to practise my times table at home.

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Name : Auckland Faamita

Class : Room 7

Blog address :

Class Teacher: Miss Ashley

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If there is writing in red, it is instructions that tell you what to do. Before publishing your work on your blog, remove the red writing.
If the writing is in black, it is part of the activity, but something the teacher has written. Just leave it.
If you start writing, and it is blue like this, I have done that so it is easy to tell what the teacher has written (in black) and what you have written (in blue). Only write in blue if I ask you to.

Quote from story
Your response - how does she feel? Why do you think that?
“I swallow my groan” (page 2)
She feels bored and hot. I think that because people normally groan when they don’t like what is happening, so maybe she was bored in class and didn’t want to do what the teacher asked. The drought meant that the weather would be really hot.
“I flop across my desk like a dead fish” (page 2)
Like if she belly flops into a pool
“Since Mom died, I’ve been staying over at Pete’s house until Dad gets home from work” (page 3)
She feels very sad that her mum died but she wants her dad to get over it.
“We roar and scream like a crowd at a rugby match when someone scores a try” (page 4)
She feels like she gets a try in rugby
“I wait for him to tell me to dig deep. I wait for him to tell me to use my imagination - but I guess it was Mum who said things like that.” (page 5)
She missis her because she always use to tell her the things.
“Dad still hasn’t eaten anything, and there are big black bags under his eyes” (page 5)
Dad feels sad and exhausted
“I pick up my pen and, trying not to think of Dad asleep at the table, or Mum dying, or the skinny sheep, I close my eyes” (page 6)
She wants to forget about all the bad things that has happened in her life.

Reread this quote from page 6. Reflect on what hidden meaning is there. Fat white clouds at first, then grey ones, then black - and the blackest clouds are bursting with rain. The moment they .

“This time the story comes, but the drought in the story is dad’s. Like the ever-blue sky, he’s holding back tears. From time to time, a small cloud drifts by, but he blinks it away. Each time he does this, his sadness grows deeper. All he does is get up and go to work and come home and go to bed. Then one night, he falls into such a deep sleep, a cloud creeps by without him noticing. Then another comes, and another, and another. Fat white clouds at first, then grey ones, then black - and the blackest clouds are bursting with rain. The moment they burst, Dad cries.” (page 6)

Think about the questions below and write a paragraph (at least 100 words) to answer these questions. You can talk to a buddy about it, but use your own words.
  • Why is dad holding back tears?
  • Why does he blink away the clouds?
  • Why is his sadness growing deeper?
  • What metaphor is the girl trying to explain by talking about the clouds?
  • Why might the clouds start off white, then next go grey, then next go black? What metaphor is the girl trying to explain?

Start writing here:
The dad was upset because the wife passed away and he is tired because
Works everyday.

Read this article.
Answer the questions below.

What part of Rosalie’s Hauora was affected by the bullying? Explain what you mean by that.
Because she was the new kid in the school.
When did the bullying start, and what happened?
The last day of primary
What does this mean?
I only got bullied verbally but it was still very hurtful.”
She got bullied by words
Why do you think Rosalie didn’t tell anyone she was being bullied?
Because they might not care.
Find 3 pieces of advice Rosalie gives to everyone reading that they can do to get help if they are getting bullied
  1. Forget about
  2.  Write a diary about how you feel
  3.  Talk to friend and parents