Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Yesterday on tuesday 24 of october Room 7 did an partner yoga challenge in the class. Miss ashley explained what we were doing. We were doing the yoga so we can have fun and we can have a recount to write about.

My partner for yoga was Auckland and Amon. When we did the yoga challenge it was easy so miss ashley extended so it can be hard.
In between each shape we had inhale and exhale. Auckland meticulously put his legs on me and put his up right arm on my leg.

The hardest part was easy for me and Auckland.Auckland had to sit on my legs when they were up and his legs had to go on my hands.IMG_0248.jpg

In yoga we had to try and balance  so stanley or kika can take the photo. Some groups crumble onto the some, Some people managed to get to get it right and some were hilarious.Also some groups were flexible.


On Thursday 26th of october room 7 did an Part 2 of the yoga challenge in class. To play the yoga challenge you need a buddy or you can do it in a group.How to play this your teacher change the pose then you have to try and copy.

On the first pose me and viliami couldn’t do it because we weren’t flexible and it hurt so we skipped it. After that we all were inhaling and exhaling.

Later that day while me and viliami were doing a pose amon showed up late then Amon came over and sat next to me and viliami.

On the last pose all of the boys and all of the girls went into a group so we can do a pose.

My favourite pose was the repeating tunnel  because all of the boys and girls were participating.

I did this with viliami and amon

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 12.26.04.pngIMG_20171018_115444.jpg

Today the 18th of October Room 7 and Room 8 tried to recreate a famous painting named jackson pollock.
The famous painting we tried to recreate was a splatter patting. In his painting he used a stick and dried , hard paint brushes to splat and make blobs.

Before we tried to make an recreation of jackson pollock's painting Miss Morrison demonstrated how should we do it.Miss Morrison demonstrated by splashing paint on the canvas Then miss Ashley telled all of Room 7 and Room 8 to stand up and go to the hallway.

WHen we all walked outside everybody had to go with their buddy or just himself/herself to the tree.When we went to the tree miss ashley gave me and my buddy/viliami a piece of cupboard so we can paint.

When me and my buddy was painting we were doing strokes , splatters , splashes and swashes.
When we were sprinting we got tired and exhausted. Finally we we finished and packed up.


Sunday, 15 October 2017