Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Planets in my language

Image result for Sun
The sun is yellow. -
Le la e samasama
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Mercury is brown. -
Mercury e lanu ena ena.
Image result for venus
Venus is red. -
Venus e mumu.
Image result for earth
The earth is blue , green and white. - O le lalolagi
e lanu moana ,
lanu mea mata ma pa’e pa’e.
Image result for mars
Mars is the red planet. - Mars o le paneta mumu.
Image result for jupiter
Jupiter is light brown ,
blue and white. -
Jupiter o le
lanu ena ena,
lanumoana ma paʻepaʻe.
Image result for saturn
Saturn is light brown. - Saturn o le lanu ena ena.
Image result for uranus
Uranus is light blue. -
Uranus e lanu moana

Image result for neptune
Neptune is dark blue. - Neptune e l
anu moana uliuli.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Days of the week in my first language

WALT : to include my first language in my writing.

Image result for monday
Monday - Aso gafua
Image result for tuesday
Tuesday - Aso lua
Image result for wednesday
Wednesday - Aso lulu
Image result for thursday
Thursday- Aso tofi
Image result for friday
Friday - Aso faralie
Image result for saturday
Saturday - Aso tona’i
Image result for sunday
Sunday - Aso sa
Image result for One
One - Tasi
Image result for two
Two - Lua
Image result for three
Three - Tolu
Image result for four
Four - fa
Image result for five
Five - Lima
Image result for six
Six - Ono
Image result for seven
Seven - Fitu
Image result for eight
Eight - Valu
Image result for nine
Nine - Iva
Image result for ten
Ten - Sefulu

Walking water

WALT do a brainstorm. My brainstorm is in bold.

On week 4 Room 8 were doing a science experiment.
The science experiment was called walking water.

Firstly Ms bracey got 7 cups and there was only water in four of them.
While she was setting up the experiment I thought Ms bracey was doing a magic trick.
But it wasn’t. In the experiment there was a cup with red water, in the second cup
it was empty and in the third cup there was yellow water.
In the last four cups it was empty ,bluewater , empty and had normal water.
There was strips of paper between each cup.

Secondly we were asked to predict what we thought was going to happen.
What I predicted was I thought that after a day the empty cups will be full.

Lastly I was told to observe what happened.
What I observed was that the yellow and red merged into orange.
Later then Blue and yellow merged into green.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

My Pepeha

WALT: make Pepeha.
In my pepeha I wrote it in my first language. 
What challenged me was finding photos and knowing what my mountain was.

What makes day and night?

WALT use specific vocabulary.

Did you know that the sun doesn’t move?
When the earth orbits we have day and night.

In adition earth orbits the sun , Earth is also spinning.
In fact the sun doesn't move, instead of the sun moving the earth moves.

Something you need to know is that  half of the earth is
facing the sun and they have day.
But on the other side of the earth it is facing towards
space that means that they have night.

This is how we have day and night.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Describing the sun

Did you know the sun is like a big giant magnet?

The sun is like a giant gas fire ball.

The sun has huge solar flares!

The sun is like a massive hydrogen bomb.

Sometimes people call the sun a giant star.

Did you know that solar system means sun system?

Exhausting Volleyball session 1

Last week on volleyball Room 8 were learning how to serve the foam volleyball.
Then we played a game. I did not know what the game was called but I know how to play it.

To play you need to split into two teams.
After one person is the catcher the rest of the students needs to serve. If the catcher has caught the ball the person that served goes and helps him on the other side of the net.

To win the game everybody has to serve the ball, then they go to the other side.
At Volleyball the challenging thing was to serve due to the wind that carried the ball over the fence.
This week I think this session is going to be about serving and just have fun.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

DMIC Week 1

On Tuesday my group was given a maths problem.
The problem that we solved was a time problem.
On the problem there was a lot of words.
Finally we solved the problem.
After that we explained how we solved the problem to our class.
The challenge for DMIC is that some of my group couldn’t explain.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Going to Iron up sports

Today I have learnt how to embed a photo to my blog.

School trip to te tuhi

We went to Te Tuhi on the Thursday in term 1 week 3.
We went to Te Tuhi to create art.

Te Tuhi is at pakuranga

At Te Tuhi there was Room 8 and some of Room 8´s parents.

To get to Te Tuhi we traveled on a bus.

At Te Tuhi we painted clear A4 paper black with a paint brush.

After that we sketched a letter that was given to us.

After we sketched with a pencil about native thing about New Zealand.

We carved over the sketch´s with a tool that had a sharp end.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The first Panmure Bridge

A few Fridays ago Room 5 to 8  went down to the Panmure Yacht Club to view the site where the first Panmure Bridge was built. The first bridge that was built was a swing bridge so the boats can go through the Tamaki river. Before the swing bridge was built the Maori used a punt for people to sell their vegetables and fruits. Another reason they built the bridge was because the farmers could go over to the Pakuranga fields to grow plants , fruit and crops. A few years later the bridge was old and unsafe so the people demolished it completely. When the swing bridge opened and closed the swing bridge sounded like someone was hitting  a drum.

Two weeks ago in Miami, America a bridge collapsed on the 8 lane highway and the passing people were seriously injured. Soon the ambulance, police and firefighters came to help the crushed cars and seriously injured people.
Before that happened on the 8 lane highway there was a pedestrian who was crossing the 8 lane highway going to university who got crushed by a car. One week after that people started to build a footbridge so the people could be safe from getting crushed. The footbridge was made out of steel , wood , concrete and quartz.

El Alamein


The El Alamein campaign had a battle with their enemies. During the battle the British used mines and guns. At 9:40 pm mines were lit up. The people who won the battle was us.
Alamein T.P.S
I think they gave us the road called Alamein next to Tamaki Primary School because I think that is where the Maori used to live. The Maori´s were also soldiers and warriors.