Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Kiwisport Reflection


On monday the 26th of June Room 7 had Kiwisport at Kiwisport before we started we needed to warm up because it was cold.
For our warm up Room 7 needed to follow coach hyrum. After we had a warm up with Coach hyrum coach peter Asked if we wanted to play ball tag or golden. After that all of room 7 voted for one game. The game that we all voted for was golden child.

For golden child it was mixed girls and boys. For the game our team was running first I was second to last in line. When it was my turn I ran fast as I could and I made it to the finish line.
After the game was over It was a tie.

For the last game we played line basketball. For line basketball it was the same team. For the first match coach hyrum said three so three people and three people from the other team ran touch the hoop and grab the ball. In their match  our team scored and it was 1-0.
When it was my turn coach hyrum shouted one so me and Lydia ran touched the hoop and I got the ball when I got the ball. Next when I got the ball I ran and took a shot then I got it in.

I thought Kiwisport was lots of fun and cool and I enjoyed. I hope they come back next and play
it again.

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  1. Great work I like how you use a picture and you writed described words.