Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Why Cell phones should not exist.

Why Cell phones should be ban from school grounds.

I think cell phones should not be allowed in school because they are a distraction to their learning and I think parents should not let them have a phone until they can get a job and they can pay for their own cell phone.
For example Some kids can play games and they might take selfies in the corner with their friends.

In my own opinion if I was the principal I would ban phones from school because they can look up answers on the internet and cheat.
For example  During a test People can share their answers to friends so they can get a  A+.

Another reason why children should not have a cell phone at school because if your cell phone rang during class you will annoy others and yourself.
For example when your teacher saying something important like there is gonna be a earthquake then your friend calls you distract others.

I think cell phones should banned from school.

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