Monday, 27 February 2017

I am learning to summarise a text

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences

Page 15
This page is about Dr Thinkmore teaching the students that little water can clean more than bigger water.
Page 16
This page is about Dr Thinkmore telling the kids to themselves with a cup of water then the class brings driftwood.
Page 17
This page is about Dr thinkmore telling the students that moana wear away stones , rocks , driftwood and sand.Dr thinkmore challenges the kids.

  1. Dr Thinkmore is a Scientist
  2. Her experiment was to put different amounts of water into tomato sauce bottles and see which one is the cleanest.
  3. Her experiment was trying to show that little bit of water cleans more then lots of water.
  4. Amber suggested that the piece of wood was from a beach.
  5. Sam thought that the driftwood was from a boat.
  6. Sandra thought that the bottle with lots of water will clean more than small water.
  7. Dr Thinkmore started to look pleased because Lo-mae might be onto something.

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